SAMURAI Wig  :iPhone App


Want to dressed as GEISHA.

Want to try becoming cool SAMURAI warlords.

"SAMURAI Wig" is such a wish come true.

You can transform yourself into Japanese SAMURAI and GEISHA!


"SAMURAI Wig" is a simulation application can take pictures easily transformed into a SAMURAI. The image of the samurai hairstyles "topknot" and costumes is the traditional culture of Japan, to synthesize your face.

This app is a luxury iPhone version of Japan Costume play (=Cosplay).


Choose the style you want to be in the hair & costume from the famous Japanese culture such as a samurai ,an armor, a princess, a courtesan, and the geisha, then be synthesized your photos, transformed into a traditional Japanese form very quickly.

You can slipping back in time to the Edo period of the past time. You may feel a like snapshot taken in the town of Edo.


Transformed photo is you can save to an album, also share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook .

A woman transforms into a “samurai”, or man transformes into a "geisha" , please take advantage of to make the topic of a party and at a bar.


 The usage is simple.

  1) Choose costume and hairstyle from catalog.

  2) Take a photograph of yourself or choose from the camera roll.

  3) Transformation start!

  4) Fine- adjustment in a pinch and swipe.

  5) Stamp a seal.

This ends.


Transformation photo that you like, save the album and let's brag to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

 Immediately, you share with your friends, be excited!



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 ・Apps Name:SAMURAI Wig


                                        ・Category:Photo & video

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